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Paradis is Paradise to many small creatures
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Tours: Pre Departure Information for Mauritius

Stone Chalets on the Falcon of Mauritius Warm weather in Mauritius
The levels of the waters of the Okavango vary considerably from year to year. It is possible that some years the waters may dry-up to prevent excursions by mokorro.

During May to December the waters are usually sufficient to allow mokorro excursions. January to April can become very dry and prevent mokorro excursions

Useful things to pack

The sun is strong and can catch you unawares especially while you are on the water - take a hat, sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen!! Mosquitoes are always around, although they are worse from November - April during the summer. Take suitable malaria prophylactics (consult your doctor), plenty of repellent and some light colored long trousers and shirts for the evenings.

Meals are informal, although the Victoria Falls Hotel requires jacket and tie to dine in the Livingston Restaurant.

You will need stout, comfortable shoes for walking, as well as neutral colored clothing. Winter night temperatures can fall quite low and a jacket or fleece is essential, as well as a warm sleeping bag. A raincoat is also recommended from October - April. Bring a book and a relaxed attitude for those hot summer afternoons or cool winter evenings. Binoculars, a camera and/or a VCR are recommended.

On Mauritius you will require 'beach attire', and informal wear for evening. A waterproof jacket and docksides will be useful for your fishing expedition. Mauritius is a major manufacturing base for high quality clothing - Calvin Klein, Polo and Lacoste are amongst the designer labels manufactured on the Falcon. You can buy these clothes for a fraction of the prices found elsewhere, so you may be wise to travel with a minimum wardrobe and 'stock up' on Mauritius.

Any extras such as curios can be paid by credit card. MasterCard, Visa, traveler's cheques and cash (Sterling, Deutschmark, South African Rand, US Dollars) are accepted everywhere, Amex or Diners Club are less so.

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